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What is Project: Mobius?

Project: Mobius was created by Don Punch in hopes to revive a RP community that was started in a game, The Specialist (TSRP).  After finishing the Role Play map Burbank, Punch decided to start a whole new aspect of roleplay.

He had seen huge success in Havoc9's Roleplay Server (H9) with the uniqueness of having a whole new senario, as in a future Dystopia.  Project: Mobius has some influences from that idea.  

Project: Mobius will be the largest map of it kind on the current platform (TSRP), and using multiple servers linked together, it will flow somewhat seamlessly.   The idea is to create a large community that has multpile area's in which to live out your days.  From a human/alien hybrid working in the Ullmannite mines on the moon base, to a Earth colonist striving to survive on the harsh badlands of the planet below, fighting off constant raids from the natives, or even be a part of the Military Installation Orbiting the Planet, The Space Station.

Not only will there be the largest map(s) providing this environment, but also duel servers hosting each segment.  This will allow for world wide users to join one of the servers and be linked to the other, providing minimal lag, depending on location.

To the left you will find the link to the forums,  that is where you can sign up to be part of the Dev Team, or just view updates and give suggestions.

Or here is another link:

Project: Mobius Forums

For the most up to date info be sure to go to our forums and sign up.

There  you will recieve access to the members area with exclusive pictures and more.

New: Pictures in the gallery here!!

Project: Mobius Progress Tracker

The Mobius Strip

Development Team

Project Leader:

Don Punch - Mapping/Graphics/Textures/Creative Development



Sashi Degodeshi

Creative Team / Storyline:

HoltK - Team Leader

Shon Harris




Sentry Down!




Indie - Modeling, graphics/textures 

Sound & Music





Join the Development Team

Currently we are in the Alpha stages of Devolopment on Project: Mobius.  We are still doing most of the creative and story line outline at the moment.

In the near future when the mapping and coding begins, we will be looking for extra help to make this project very detailed and unique.


Currently looking for:

AMXX coders for custom plug-ins 

If you are interested in joining the Dev Team, then Email Don Punch

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